Boishakh – The Celebration of Bengali New Year

March 16, 2017
Boishakh – The Celebration of Bengali New Year

Pohela Boishakh, one of the most prominent cultural festivals that we Bengalis love to observe, is one of the most colorful among our traditional celebrations. The celebration of colors and the seasonal transition from spring to summer is completely aligned with the festival that marks the start of the Bengali New Year. The most unique aspect of the Pohela Boishakh festival is its own colorful theme and motifs that reflect the traditional Bengali spirit. From clay motifs to floral murals, the festival has its own distinctive look.

Dressing up for Pohela Boishakh is not as hard as many people take it to be. The colorfulness is not restricted to just this festival but rather follows an international trend suited for the season. During early summer, the vibrant and soft fabrics are perfect to beat the heat as well as to stay aligned with the theme of the festival.

Gamcha Series

This year’s Aarong Pohela Boishakh Collection comes with a lot of twist in design, cut and fit, and motifs. Our designers took a different creative direction with their inspiration for the designs. The Gamcha series of Sarees and Panjabis are more indigenous and colorful than before, while keeping our culture’s values and traditions in mind. The floral designs follow a rather international trend but with interpretation in sync with our philosophy and values. What sets them apart from the rest is their clear difference in execution - international fashion with a more Bengali spirit.

Boishakhi Mela

Boisakhi Mela- bringing the art and elements of the festival itself in clothing is something that has never been done before. Our designers have integrated them in an exclusive portion of this year’s collection. The fabrics used in the new lineup of clothes are more experimental. But as always, we kept comfort and attractiveness in mind, making them lightweight for the season and free flowing for all the while maintaining the aesthetic edge of the outfits. In addition, our new range of traditional jewellery includes unique techniques such as hand painting and meenakari that are both ethnic and stylish.


The most unique theme that the Boishakh Collection is introducing this season is the range of “Mola Art” clothing. This theme originated from Panama with the tradition of Kuna women painting their bodies with geometrical designs using available natural colors. Later, these geometric designs were printed or woven into cotton and even later sewn using cloths brought from the European settlers of Panama. Our designers combined the colourful scheme of MolaArt with the traditional clothing of our culture to produce vibrant designs.

Parent & Kids’

Keeping the little ones in mind Aarong came up with an exclusive Father – Son and Mother – Daughter collection. You and your child can now wear matching outfits while enjoying the festival together. The dominant themes in this year’s Boishakh collection such as Gamcha, Floral and MolaArt are also available in the kids section.


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