Bold Looks for the Cold Weather

January 11, 2018
Bold Looks for the Cold Weather

The entire world is swept off their feet as the sweater weather overhauls. The season comes with the opportunity to try out something completely different, something exciting. Be it with the colorful ensembles or the entire look, it’s a great time to draw a change and to get in the groove of this wonderful weather. This season calls for smart layering by picking the right fabric and that ultimately concludes to an overall tomboy vibe going with your stance. If you’re still confused, worry not, we are here to resolve season’s fashion dilemmas with Taaga’s new lineup of winter staples.

A stylish blazer is an essential piece of clothing for the weather. The striking pink blazer with a matching turtleneck worn inside can accentuate your bold look. Pair that with blue boyfriend jeans and beige loafers and you’ve got the fashion statement of the season.

When it comes to styling, reinventing yourself is usually a good move. That is where the blue kimono comes into play. Pair with the white turtleneck top worn inside and blue boyfriend jeans to really set things in motion. Put the finishing touches with beige loafers and make a bold statement.

It is hard to look bad in the classy all-black attire. Pair this black coat with black flared pants and stay chic in winter. Multicolored unique embroidery on the sleeves and back keep things interesting and add a lot of flare. Add the silver stone studded finger ring and brown boots and stay fab.

Your hair and the freezing cold weather don’t really go well together. Hair gets frilly overtime and becomes extremely hard to manage. Try tying it up to compliment your tomboy look. Also, your makeup has to keep up with the new you. Smoke it up with muted tones and bold accents and go for blues and greys for the eyes.

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