Carry-ons | Man’s Best Friend

May 05, 2017
Carry-ons | Man’s Best Friend

Men have considered their carrier bags as an extension of themselves since the first-time briefcases became popular for office use. With the progress of time and the type of things that can be carried, the typical briefcases for work have also changed in style and form. Instead of just being a container for added storage on the move, carry-ons and briefcases started taking a more fashionable turn. From denim backpacks to leather office bags, carry-on male bags are more popular and fashionable than ever before.

Executive or casual?

Aarong’s range of leather bags come in different sizes and form factors. They serve both executive and casual needs. You can find bags that are perfect to carry your laptop along with everyday gadgets as well as bags that are suitable for a casual day out; trendy yet functional. Besides, when you have the chance to use your bag as an accessory to compliment your outfit, why not take that opportunity and add spice to your everyday look by carrying your items in a leather carry-on?

Stay equipped

The line of casual carry-ons come in sleek black and elegant brown, making them fit to compliment any outfit. You can also throw in a pair of leather accessories like a keychain, a matching wallet/card holder. Aarong has made it even more convenient for the everyday professional to pick out an entire matching set consisting of leather office bag, wallet, card holder and leather key ring.


Bags don’t necessarily have to serve the purpose of adding storage on the move only, when it can add a zing of fresh personal style to your outfit. Staying trendy in our everyday lives is something that can be done quite easily especially with the addition of men’s carry-ons to your wardrobe.


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