Commemorating Ekushey Martyrs

February 20, 2018
Commemorating Ekushey Martyrs

As the auspicious month of February comes upon us, the spirit of sacrifice and patriotism of the heroic martyrs of Ekushey takes over. This great occasion reminds us of those heroic sons of the soil who sacrificed their lives for the establishment of our mother tongue ‘Bangla’ as the state language in 1952. Rafiq, Salam, Jabbar, Barkat were among those who sacrificed their lives for this great cause. It is for their selfless sacrifice,  that today, the whole world stands on their toes in wonder and observes Ekushey internationally.

Ekushey February is the day when we relish how each mesmerizing alphabet of bangla feels on our lips. At the same time, it is also the day when all bengalis come together dressed in black and white, murmuring songs of lament.

As the day begins, silent mourners dressed in black and white participate in the ritualistic early morning slow procession known as "Prabhat Pheri". With flowers in their hands, mourners in this procession move  towards Secretariate Road barefoot,  where the central Shaheed Minar lies,  in order to pay homage to the language martyrs. People in many parts of the country make their own Shaheed Minar and decorate it with flowers to show their respect and they sing together the famous song that marks Ekushey - “Amar Bhaiyer Rokte Rangano Ekushey February, Ami Ki Bhulitey Pari”.

On this day, anything you wear should have black and white elements in it. This year Aarong offers designs that are inspired from assorted geometric shapes of bangla alphabets and are infused with bird shaped designs to symbolize our freedom of speech. The collection covers panjabis for men, sarees, shalwar kameezs as well as kurtas for women and also comes with kids wear.

So, this Ekushey, wear your clothes with pride and commemorate the sacrifices of the martyrs with your head held high!

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