Gift Ideas for Her

February 08, 2018
Gift Ideas for Her

Other than Birthdays, Valentine’s Day is another time of the year where you get an excuse to shower your special someone with delightful presents. Finding that unique gift which your loved one will like is not an easy task. Understanding that exact sentiment, Aarong brings its new lines of valentine’s gift ideas to turn the day into an unforgettable one!


Jewellery more often than not, tops the list of gift options. Aarong brings some unique and interesting designs to the table this year. Aarong’s jewellery collection consists of beautiful statement pieces in different materials. The eye-catching neckpieces come with large pendants in bottle designs filled with beads and other colorful natural materials. To give you a multitude of choices, Aarong also offers pendants in geometric shapes and shell neckpieces.


Pair that up with earrings and hand jewellery made up of similar bottle designs, geometric shapes and shell—altogether making up a perfect set.


On the other hand, if you are looking for something funky do take a look at the range of wooden earrings that comes in different shapes and colors.


The collection of accessories this year consists of women's purses, bags and shoes as well as men's wallets. Considering the season, purses come in spring colors and floral designs with complementing embroidered pumps.


Leather side bags come in pastels while velvet side bags come in rich colors such as red, pink and navy blue with small beads all over. To match it up, the collection also consists of velvet pumps in pastels.

So, go ahead! Browse through the unique collection of jewellery and accessories to find the perfect gift for her.



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