June 15, 2017

The festive ambience of Eid demands perfection, even if it requires experimenting with your outlook. Focusing just on the outfit without accessories might fail to make the mark. So, this Eid, accessorize- to add the cherry on top to your long-awaited ensemble!

To complement your Eid attire, this year, Aarong has a wide range of stunning accessories ranging from specially designed silver, gold-plated, pearl and fashion jewelry.

Silver never fails to shine when it comes to accessories. Oxidized silver earrings in various patterns could be a perfect pick with tie-dyed silk sarees or long kurtas. As for a heavier attire, you could go with the gold-plated earrings and bangles.

If the idea is to go with a more sophisticated and formal outfit in saree or shalwar kameez, pearl earrings could help you pull that off and give you a classy outlook effectively. You could always accessorize with modern fashion earrings for a trendy and artsy attire. An array of wooden, brass and metal earrings are available across all Aarong outlets.

An elegant choice is to add necklaces and neck pieces which will add a finishing touch to your Eid attire. Silver, Gold plated, beaded & pearl neck pieces or chokers will enhance it further to match with your saree, shalwar kameez or kurta.

Alternatively, you can add a metal bracelet or bangles to your outfit so that it looks more traditional or even experiment with anklets depending on your pick. Simultaneously, you can also opt for something gold plated, or even go for silver, to add a touch of sophistication to your overall look. 

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