Jazz Up Your Home Décor!

July 05, 2018
Jazz Up Your Home Décor!

The ornamental touch of home essentials coordinated with the right colors and the perfect details can turn your humble abode into a palace! You can easily transform the look of your home by simply accessorizing with delicate touch of your taste and add a welcoming tone.

Your décor is a reflection of yourself and that makes it quintessential for you to make do with nothing less than perfect. From finding that favorite flower vase for your table to identifying the perfect match between your cutleries and tableware, everything needs to be well thought out.

When planning your décor you need to start off by selecting a theme otherwise the whole combination will be cluttered with items that sneak in unnoticed. A general rule of thumb for selecting your theme is: bright is beautiful. You can also go for contrasts that pop and complement each element.

A tropical country like ours presents flowers of different colors in different seasons which scream for a place inside your living space. Take a hand painted and textured flower vase and fill it up with loads of fresh flowers. This will add a refreshing tone to the look of your home. Remember to keep the combination in check by grouping colorful flowers with vases in complementing colors.

Now comes the part where you prepare a feast and this part is tricky. You can set up your dining table with patterned dinnerware set and place-mates. The ultimate contrast of black and white dinnerware gives your dining table a classic and elegant look. Setting them up with complementing black or white place-mates will add a graceful tone to the dining space. You can also opt for the vintage look of wooden cutlery and plates with a mix of white ceramics to create a contrast and you have your guests prepared for an unforgettable dining experience.


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