Last minute tips for Pohela Boishakh

April 13, 2017
Last minute tips for Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh has a very prominent place in the hearts of us Bengalis. Everyone wants the first day of the New Year to be perfect and full of festivities - something quite hard to pull off without hitches if you’re not fully equipped to take on the heat and the outdoor extremities.  For all the people gearing up to go out and about for this Pohela Boishakh, here is a few last minute tips to make sure you have the perfect beginning of the Bengali year!

Accessorize well
This summer, carry necessary items to protect yourself from the scorching heat and the harmful UV rays. While going outside on this Pohela Boishakh, carry umbrellas and wear sunglasses to beat the heat.

Choose cotton

Opt for breathable fabric like cotton this summer in order to stay cool. Women can choose traditional attires like cotton Salwar Kameez and Sarees to wear on this Pohela Boishakh while men can opt for cotton Punjabis and Kurtas.

Drink sufficient amount of fluids
Drink sufficient amount of water to keep you hydrated in this scorching heat. You can also opt for coconut water or have a slice of watermelon to cool yourself down.

Less is more
Keep your makeup at minimal this summer. In this scorching heat, the sweat and dirt might ruin your makeup. On this Pohela Boishakh, apply some kajal, red lipstick and a tip and you are good to go.

Stay clean and dry
Carry wet wipes and tissues in your bags/purses/pockets which will come in handy. Use the tissues/wet wipes to remove the dirt and sweat from your face. Voilà! Your skin will look rejuvenated.

Comfort for your feet
Pohela Boishakh means visiting all the prominent places such as Ramna Botomul, Dhaka University, Sohrawardi Uddyan, etc. which in turn means loads of walking. Wear flat, comfortable yet trendy sandals this Pohela Boishakh that goes well with your chosen attire.

Keep sweat at bay
Too much perspiration results in body odor. Carry perfumes or body sprays in your bags/purses to keep the stink of sweat at bay.

Protect your skin
Wear sunscreen before you leave your house on Pohela Boishakh to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.

While keeping all these in mind, do remember to visit your nearest Aarong outlet as there is something special arranged for everyone this Pohela Boishakh. Face painting will be offered to everyone visiting Aarong outlets on Pohela Boishakh. Additionally free Boishakh themed masks will be given to customers upon every purchase.

Shuvo Noboborsho!

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