July 09, 2017

We all love monsoon - the cold air and freshness makes it undoubtedly the best time of year to enjoy the beauty of nature. Add a hot cup of tea to the setting and a playlist meant for the season and you are all set to enjoy the rain. However, there are many challenges that one might encounter such as getting drenched when you least expect it and having soaked and ruined shoes. Thus, many people are confused about what outfit they should wear during rainy season. Read on to know more about how to dress up this rainy season.

Dress Dark & Bold

No matter what outfit you choose to wear, they are at risk of getting spoiled due to mud, water and puddles that are almost everywhere. So you need to pay extra attention to your clothes during this season. Go for darker, bolder colored clothes since lighter clothes might get drenched or spoiled. For self-protection, try wearing long sleeved clothes. It is better to wear cotton dresses since the humidity level in our country is high even in this weather. This makes cotton clothing extremely comfortable and versatile in changing temperatures.


Try experimenting with bright colored designs on a darker base. This would not only help counter the dullness the weather brings with it but also help you stand out in the crowd. You can also turn your essentials to stylish accessories by carrying floral printed or vibrant colored umbrellas which add the color splash you desire.

Footwear Alternatives

Avoid wearing leather shoes or sandals in this weather, since they are at risk of wearing out. Working individuals need to look fashionable on the go. While outdoors, try shifting to synthetic or water resistant shoes. Stilettos or heels could be substituted with more comfy rubber shoes or flip flops. A huge variety of designer slippers are available which can be both fashionable and water resistant. 

Attention to Accessories

Using accessories like a choker, a metal bracelet or even a bright colored neckpiece contrasting to your dress color can brighten up your entire look in this gloomy weather. One could also try carrying bright, mono-colored bags or purses to counter the flatness of the dark colors.

Essential Carry-ons

Apart from the above fashion tips always carry a portable, light-weight umbrella or a raincoat to save you from a sudden downpour.  Try carrying an extra pair of sandals in your bag. This might come handy when you need to avoid ruining your stylish shoes and also have one to wear while you’re on the go. Carrying zip lock or plastic bags can help protect your wallet, purse, keys and cell phone from being exposed to water. Also try carrying an extra pair of outfit when you are out at work. This applies mainly for those who depend on public transport to travel.

Keep the above tips in mind and enjoy the lovely season of monsoon with ease!

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