The Makeup Trends You Need to Know This Fall

November 09, 2017
The Makeup Trends You Need to Know This Fall

With winter just around the corner, here's what you need for your perfect look! From the satin-finish look to bold lip colors, the fall trends of 2017 has something for everyone. Taaga brings to you the season’s latest trends.

Simple is sweet: Clear skin is trending this season. Let your skin breathe! A bit of foundation with minimalistic strobing, baking, or contouring to achieve the simple yet radiant glow is perfect to keep it simple. One can also opt for liquid illuminating foundations for a fresh dewy look.

Dark, vampy lips: A bold lip is practically a pre-requisite for all in this season. Let your lips do the talking with bold and vibrant shades. Experiment with colors like dark red, maroon, burgundy, and plum to achieve the boho-chic look!

Bold brows: Naturally groomed, straight brows are on-trend for 2017 and helps to make you look younger. Simple, defined eyebrows will help you make a statement and enhance your overall simplistic look.

Smokey eyes: Any season is a good one to wear the classy black smokey eyes. Smokey eyes really soften a bold lip look. Flaunt your inner diva with heavily kohled eyes. Smudge it gently for a sultry look. Either degraded on the bottom lash line or lined only in the centers of the eyes. You can also experiment with a pinch of gold or bronze eye shadow for that chic metallic finish.

Dramatic liners: Liners are getting dramatic this season! Be playful with your regular winged liner and experiment with edgy shapes. Wing it out for a subtle or dramatic lift. Shiny liquid liner adds an extra edge to the whole fall look.

Extended Lashes: Super long lashes are here to stay this season! Experiment with long fake eyelashes or opt for additional coatings of mascara to beautify your eyes. 

Striking Nails: This fall nail colors claims a more subtle take on your standards. Play with colors like aubergine purple, maroon, navy blue, charcoal grey this season. For a more gaudy finish, add glitter coating on the top.

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