Two Unique Jewellery Pieces

October 05, 2017
Two Unique Jewellery Pieces

Jewellery stays at the zenith of dressing up for any party. Donning the right ornaments to compliment your outfit can help you make the statement you want to throw out to the world. In recent times, big, fun statement pieces have taken back the attention from minimalistic fine jewelleries. Essentially, these are designs that are more apt to dazzle on the dance floor than shimmer demurely by candlelight.

Now is the age when jewelleries go along with your body parts to compliment your presence anywhere, anytime. For different occasions and different dress codes, Aarong has come up with masterpieces to satisfy your desires. Browse through the collection to find the best fit for your look.

For Your Shoulder

Special occasions call for gorgeous additions to your overall stance and this is where the long multilayered brass necklace shines. With a design that adores the shoulders and back, it instills grandeur to your simple blouse or long gowns. This multilayered delicacy comes with brass chains, painted brass beads and ornaments. Adorning this, you’ll be sure to draw the limelight in any party you attend.

Jewellery code: 1050000003333, available in Aarong Gulshan outlet.

For Your Waist

To spice up your mundane overall, you can tryout a beautiful waist band. Wear it over the anchal of your saree in order to standout in any crowd. With a black stone in the middle and the intricate design all throughout, this will definitely catch eyes. You can also mix and match with a solid top or a long dress.

Jewellery code: 0830000040254 available in Aarong Uttara, Jamuna Future Park, Dhanmondi-2, Banani outlets.


So, without further ado, grab yourself one of these unique statement jewelleries and win the floor like you always have!


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