What to Wear This Spring

March 09, 2017
What to Wear This Spring

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Spring- the season of colours and eclectic outfits is here. The time of the year when all color combinations are right. Rejoice at the weather that permits layers without covering up your charismatic outfits with bulky sweaters or jackets.

Accessories that complement

Spicing up your already-colourful outfits with the addition of accessories is a good way to make yourself stand out as well as give your old outfits a dash of something new. The best way to accessorise your outfits is adding something subtle that works as a complement to your clothes than something that attracts all the attention. Spring is a season of colours and subtle accents that does not take away attention from your own unique features.

Purses & bags in the right shade

Colourful clutches that goes with your shoes, hair accessories or colourful bracelets are a good way to add elements that give your outfit an extra edge. Bags for everyday use do not always have to be bland or generic due to their versatile nature. Purses in the shades of beige or brown are good options to go with most floral patterned outfits that contain a variety of colors. While purses in shades of purple, pink or orange are optimum accessories for outfits in solid shades.

Experiment with jewellery

On the other hand, you are free to experiment by mixing and matching small jewellery items like bronze bangles to add a little touch of elegance to your casual or evening wear while Aarong’s multi-colored thread bangles provide a more casual touch to your every day outfits. It might prove to be a little tricky given sometimes too much is just right and other times it’s tacky and outdated. However, so long as you’re good with the colors, you’re good to go.

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