Winter Skin Care Regime

December 28, 2017
Winter Skin Care Regime

The winter bells have started ringing with the advent of the chilly breeze. With all the enjoyment of winter comes suffering for our skin due to the dry weather. Skin becomes dryer than usual making it extremely important for us to undertake a proper winter skin care regime.  If you are missing a healthy and glowing skin, worry not! Aarong brings a perfect winter skin care regime for you. Read on to know more.

Refresh your skin with a facial mask

In this weather, your skin gets dried up faster than usual. In order to rejuvenate your skin, apply a good face mask at least twice a week. A good multitasking facial mask would revive, restore and protect your skin. It would also help hydrate and remove dead cells to brighten up your skin tone. Aarong shelves ahuge array of herbal face masks. Since these masks are made of natural ingredients like turmeric and neem, they are hypo allergic and safe to use. Be it dry skin or oily- you can find a face mask that suits your skin perfectly.

Pay attention to your lips

One of the biggest and the most common problems in winter is chapped lips.Since lips are highly vulnerable in winter, they need some extra care. Use a lip balm throughout the day and before you go to sleep at night. This will help them to stay hydrated. You can also opt for using natural ingredients such as honey, coconut/olive oil etc. on your lips to naturally exfoliate them while keeping their suppleness intact. Petroleum jelly does the work well too! Also make sure to avoid licking and biting your lips in this weather as this dries out your lip skin faster.

Treat your hair right

It is a common phenomenon for us to suffer from various types of hair problems in winter. Dandruff, loss of hair, rough hair etc. are just a few suffering we go through. In most cases, the primary reason is dry scalp paired up with a dusty environment. It is very important to have a proper hair care routine in such condition. Use herbal shampoo regularly to keep your hair dandruff free. You can find shampoos made up of natural ingredients at Aarong which are specially prepared to help restore damaged hair. The natural ingredients in these shampoos help to give your hair a natural boost. After shampooing, use a good conditioner to keep your hair soft and tangle free.For those who have extra dry scalp, you could try oil massage once or twice a week. Let the oil sit in your hair for an hour or two before shampooing.

Pamper those hands and feet

Keeping your hands and feet moisturized is an essential part of any winter skin care routine. Apply a good coat of moisturizer on your body, especially on the joints such as elbow and knees. Doing so will help ensure the skin in those regions stay moisturized and crack free. To maintain healthy knees, the first step is to clean them and then moisturize. Our feet too are usually very dry and require special treatment. As you take care of your hands and feet, do not forget to focus on your nails as the cuticles become very dry and tend to peel. Rub an extra coat of moisturizer on the base of the nails to keep them soft. If possible try to get a manicure and pedicure once a month for better care.

Apart from these, the key to beautiful winter skin and hair is to keep the body hydrated. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself naturally hydrated from inside and to get that natural glow. Always carry a lotion or a moisturizer on the go. While it might be cumbersome to maintain the skin care regime, a bit of extra effort can help you preserve healthy skin even in this rough weather.

A healthy skin is always beautiful naturally. Get started with your winter skin care regime today!

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