Tamara Hasan Abed

Managing Director
BRAC Enterprises

Tamara Hasan Abed is the managing director of BRAC Enterprises. She has been heading BRAC's 10 social enterprises including Aarong, BRAC Dairy, and BRAC Seed and Agro Enterprise. She also currently serves as the chairperson of BRAC University Board of Trustees and BRAC Services Limited in addition to serving as a member on several corporate boards. Ms. Abed brings with her extensive experience in investment banking, entrepreneurship, and social enterprises, with a career spanning over two decades, across diverse sectors.

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Meet our people

We often get asked how we run our social enterprise so successfully. The answer is our strong values and our position within BRAC’s holistic development eco-system that have helped create a productive outlet for the marginalized artisans while celebrating quality work. We take great pride in the people that work with us, who are undoubtedly the true spokespersons of Aarong.