Pink Printed and Embroidered Voile Newborn Set

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Pink printed voile newborn set with white and dark pink embroidery. Comes with a nima, nappy, feeder holder, bib and quilt.
Colour Pink
Fabric Voile
Material Paper
Value Addition Machine Embroidery
Box Length 13
Box Width 9.5
Closure Ribbon
Measurment Unit Inch
Bib Length 8
Bib Width 7.5
Feeding Bottle Cover Diameter 2.5
Feeding Bottle Cover Length 8.5
Nappy Length 19
Nappy Width 19
Chest 20
Nima Length 11.5
Quilt/Snuggle Wrap Width 32
Quilt/Snuggle Wrap Length 39
Unit Set of One Snuggle Wrap, One Nima, Nappy, One Bib & One Feeding Bottle Cover.
Care Hand Wash With Mild Detergent In Cold Water
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