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Toys and Traditional Dolls

Nov 03, 2022

Toys And Traditional Dolls

In Bangladesh, dolls and toys made from materials like rags, vintage clothing, terracotta, and wood have always been popular. You can still see these traditional dolls and toys in the hands of children and at village fairs and festivals. The folktales and mythology that rural artisans drew inspiration from played a significant role in the evolution of toys and dolls. Since its inception, Aarong has been producing and selling traditional dolls and toys. These dolls and toys are typically made from sarees or other old fabrics, which are wrapped and twisted into the shape of a doll. The dolls' hair is usually made from the colored yarn from the saree's trim. Many of these dolls and toys depict village life scenarios such as cooking, farming, fishing, dancing, marriage ceremonies, tribal acts, and so on.  They are preserved as ornamental pieces and fastened to a wooden framework. Today, cloth dolls and toys have become popular in the urban areas. Artisans from Habiganj, Cox's Bazar, Shariatpur, Narayanganj, Dhaka produce these traditional toys and dolls for Aarong.

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