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TAAGA | TAAGA MAN presents Admaker Bangladesh 2023

Apr 17, 2023

The world of marketing is constantly evolving, and universities across the globe are working hard to keep pace with the latest trends and strategies. To encourage creativity and innovation among students, the North South University YES! Club has launched Ad Maker Bangladesh 2023, their signature business case competition, with TAAGA | TAAGA MAN as the title sponsor.

Ad Maker is an inter-university business case competition that challenges students to develop innovative and effective marketing campaigns based on a range of scenarios. The competition is designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world marketing challenges, as well as to encourage teamwork, creativity, and strategic thinking.

The 2023 competition has come to a fruitful end, with three exceptional teams emerging as the top contenders. "Team Plutus" has been declared as the winner, while "Team Gabagool" and "Team Adamantine" secured the positions of first and second runner-up, respectively. These teams exhibited remarkable creativity and strategic acumen in devising innovative marketing campaigns that were based on complex real-world situations.

The finalists, including Team Tripple S, Team Plutus, Team Adamantine, Team Gabagool, and Team Fire Phoenix, demonstrated remarkable talent and skill throughout the competition.

The success of Ad Maker Bangladesh 2023 and its participants reflects the ongoing efforts of universities across the globe to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and strategies, and to encourage the development of young talent in the industry.

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