Peace Lily with Tub

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This plant can be kept indoors. This is a perfect indoor foliage ornamental plant. They look great on a windowsill or table top.

Nursing suggestion:Peace lilies are easy to grow, don’t need a lot of light, and help to clean and purify the air. Grow peace lily in a bright spot out of direct sunlight. Water regularly, keeping the compost moist but not wet. In spring and summer, feed fortnightly with a liquid house plant food. Deadhead spent blooms and dust or wipe the leaves regularly to ensure they photosynthesise well. In dry rooms, you may need to mist around the leaves every so often to raise humidity. Bright, indirect light is best for peace lilies,Water your peace lily regularly, ideally so the compost never completely dried out but is also not waterlogged. As a general rule, wait until the top few centimetres of compost have dried out before watering again.

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