Ruffled Fan Palm with Jute Bag

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This plant can be kept indoors. This leafy beautiful plant makes the ideal indoor decoration. On a tabletop or windowsill, they look great.

Nursing suggestion:Fan Palm should be kept in low to moderate light when it is small and young. This is why it makes such a good houseplant when it is small. However, this slow-growing palm tree will do very well in an indoor setting that provides consistent warmth and indirect, bright light. Allow the top couple of inches of the soil to dry and then water thoroughly. Mist the plant two or three times a week to keep humidity levels comfortable. Give the plant a full dose of a slow-release fertilizer once early in the spring and a couple more times through the summer. An NPK rating of 15-5-10 is best. A mixture of rich organic compost, humus, and sand is ideal. A sandy soil works well.

Let the plant rest in the winter. Don’t fertilize during this time.

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