My Aarong Rewards

What is My Aarong Rewards?

‘My Aarong Rewards’ is a brand loyalty programme and a membership scheme to acknowledge regular and loyal customers of Aarong. The mission is to strengthen the rapport with the existing and potential customers by providing the best customer experience. Through this programme our loyal customers can make most out of their membership by unlocking exciting reward options beyond earning points.

Membership categories

There are four available categories of ‘My Aarong Rewards’ membership:




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Dusai      Panshi Inn   

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 Prive   habib tazkiras   Persona   


Aprilia Vespa



How to enroll?

  • Customers making any purchase will automatically get registered as an Insider upon sharing their contact number.
  • Customers spending Tk. 10000 or above are eligible to apply for the lifestyle membership 
  • Eligible amount for membership may differ during promotion or campaign
  • BRAC and Aarong employees can apply for membership but during usage staff discount will not be applicable


The way it works

  • Lifestyle members will earn 1 reward point;
  • Gold members will earn 2 reward points and
  • Platinum members will earn 3 rewards points for every Tk. 100 spent at Aarong outlets across the country. 
  • Collecting a minimum of 100 points entitles the My Aarong Rewards member to redeem points. 1 point equal to Tk.1


  • A Lifestyle member will need to collect 3000 rewards points within two years of subscription date to upgrade to Gold membership.
  • A Gold member will need to collect 8000 rewards points within two years of subscription to upgrade to Platinum.

Contact us for further queries

For more information regarding My Aarong Rewards membership, You can call us: +8809678444777, or e-mail your questions, feedback and suggestions at


Terms and conditions

  • Insiders will not be earning any rewards points based on their purchase but would get bonus points as a special offer.
  • Insiders will not be getting any physical membership cards. Their shared contact number will be the membership ID.
  • You can avail My Aarong Rewards Card by shopping for the required amounts (for example Tk. 10000 for Lifestyle membership) at any Aarong outlet or Aarong online.
  • A permanent membership card will be issued from any Aarong outlet after receiving completed application form with specimen signature.
  • For online registration a new My Aarong Rewards ID and PIN will be sent at your preferred contact method.
  • A minimum of 100 points need to be earned in order to redeem. This means collecting a minimum of 100 points entitles the customer to redeem.
  • 1 point is equivalent to Tk.1
  • You can redeem points in multiples of 50 points. i.e. redeemable at 100, 150, 200 points.
  • Minimum redeemable points are 50.
  • You are requested to present My Aarong Rewards Card at the checkout counter to earn or to redeem points against your purchase.
  • BRAC, Aarong and BRAC Bank employees also can apply for My Aarong Rewards Card however staff discount will not be applicable during shopping through membership.
  • My Aarong Rewards Card cannot be used at Grassroots café to earn or redeem points.
  • My Aarong Rewards Card cannot be used on discounted or promotional items.
  • My Aarong Rewards Card cannot be used with any other offer or card unless otherwise specified in the offer by Aarong.
  • Aarong reserve the right to cancel or discontinue a card at any given time. This card is not a cheque guarantee or credit card.


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