How to enroll?
  • To become an INSIDER, make any purchase from our outlets or aarong.com and you will automatically become enrolled upon sharing your contact number. See Insider benefits below.
  • Become a LIFESTYLE member upon any purchase of BDT 10000 (without VAT) and start earning points and enjoying exclusive privileges. See LIFESTYLE benefits below.
The way it works
  • You will earn points on every purchase at any outlet or aarong.com:
    • LIFESTYLE members will earn 1 reward point for every BDT 100.
    • GOLD members will earn 2 reward points for every BDT 100.
    • PLATINUM members will earn 3 reward points for every BDT 100.
  • Collect a minimum of 100 points to start redeeming points on purchases.
  • A LIFESTYLE member will need to collect 3000 reward points within two years to upgrade to GOLD membership.
  • A GOLD member will need to collect 8000 reward points within two years of receiving their GOLD membership to upgrade to PLATINUM membership.
  • If cumulative earned points are below 3,000 points within 2 years of the membership status, the status will be downgraded to GOLD tier.
  • If cumulative earned points are below 1,000 points within 2 years of the membership status, the status will be downgraded to LIFESTYLE tier.
  • If cumulative earned points are below 250 points within 2 years of the membership status, the status will be downgraded to INSIDER tier.
Contact us
  • Please call at +8809678444777, or e-mail your questions, feedback and suggestions to feedback@aarong.com
Terms & Conditions
  • Eligible customers will receive a rewards card for LIFESTYLE membership from any Aarong outlet after completing application form.
  • For customers who are eligible through online purchases a new My Aarong Rewards ID and PIN will be sent to their preferred contact method.
  • A minimum of 100 points must be earned in order to redeem points.
  • Members can redeem points in multiples of 50 points. i.e. redeemable at 100, 150, 200 points.
  • You are requested to present your My Aarong Rewards Card at the checkout counter to earn or to redeem points against your purchase.
  • For online shopping, registered member accounts will be automatically linked when logging in for the first time with their aarong.com account.
  • Aarong reserves the right to amend/update or change policies.

What is My
Aarong Rewards?

Shopping at Aarong has never been more rewarding! As a My Aarong Rewards member, shoppers can earn points on every purchase and can redeem them for discounts on future purchases. Shop more and earn more! Members can also avail exclusive discounts with our partners and unlock exciting offers beyond just earning points. So join today and make the most of your shopping experience at Aarong.


Benefits Insider Lifestyle Gold Platinum
Get special offers periodically
Hear about the latest Aarong news & events
Participate in campaigns and win prizes
Earn point(s) for every BDT 100 spent & redeem on purchases 1 point 2 points 3 points
Get yearlong benefits at partner establishments
Priority checkout counters during festivals
Bonus point offers
Outfit pre-booking and access to preview events

Exclusive Offers


No Offers Available

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