3 tips for a sustainable celebration

January 14, 2020
3 tips for a sustainable celebration

Club TAAGA- a customer reward programme of the eminent fashion brand TAAGA decided to take a prominent stand on sustainability. As an advocate of banning plastics from celebrations, Club TAAGA arranged a social event ‘Club TAAGA BBQ Night’ on December 8, highlighting both fashion and an inescapable social cause – ‘Saying No to Plastic.’ The heart of the BBQ event was focusing on the underlying thought that every occasion, can and should have no negative impact on the environment.

So, if you want to throw a party without harming Mother Nature, here are some helpful tips for you to have an eco-friendly celebration.

1. E-invites

If you don’t want to waste papers on invites, e-invites can be a more modern and environment friendly alternative. You will be fully liberated to make creative invitations without having to worry how they may look after printing. Save money, time as well as the environment with a nice e-invite to your party.

2. Opt for reusable napkins and crockery

People tend to use a lot of plastic cups, spoons and plates into celebrations to save the hassle of dishwashing. But in the long run they leave a harmful impact on the environment as plastics don’t dissolve for hundreds of years. Consider using glass, wood, bamboo, clay cups for drinks. If it is too much of a hassle, you can also use paper made disposable glasses and plates. Use a cloth napkin instead of paper napkins and paper towels. For a more profound attempt to sustaining nature, let go of the plastic straws.

3. Decorate without plastics

There are so many ways to decorate a party hall that do not require harming the environment. You don’t need balloons and ribbons always. Fairy lights, clothes, paper decorations and plants can do just wonders to the ambience of celebrations.

Now you know how a celebration doesn’t have to impose a harmful effect on the environment. So go ahead and celebrate by rejoicing sustainably.