Aarong - Marketing 3.0 Award Winner 2016

October 06, 2016
Aarong - Marketing 3.0 Award Winner 2016

The Asian Marketing Federation (AMF) has awarded Aarong with the Marketing 3.0 award on September 23rd 2016 competing against companies from its 19 member countries. The award was received by Md. Abdur Rouf, Chief Operating Officer, Aarong, during AMF’s annual award ceremony in Seoul, South Korea.

Marketing 3.0 is a new approach promoted by internationally renowned marketer Philip Kotler of connecting with consumers through ‘mind share, spirit share, and heart share.’ Aarong has demonstrated this values based approach to marketing by socially and economically empowering artisans of Bangladesh and designing innovative products for its global consumer base.

Aarong is country’s largest lifestyle retailer and a social enterprise of BRAC.