Aarong presents ‘Ei Shomoyer Golpo’ depicting the new normal

July 26, 2020
Aarong presents ‘Ei Shomoyer Golpo’ depicting the new normal

This Eid Aarong presents ‘Ei Shomoyer Golpo’, a two-part short film about a family’s ability to adapt in the face of adversity during this unprecedented pandemic. It is a reflection of humanity’s innate capacity to overcome challenges against all odds and also a realisation of our interconnectedness in our march towards rebuilding our future.

A modern day couple, Faisal and Raha are busy with their careers and are in the midst of planning the fifth birthday of their only daughter, Arya. They plan to hold the birthday in a grand manner but everything changes with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

The couple quickly tries to adapt to the uncertain and tense situation, rediscovering themselves in a new way of life -- the ‘new normal’-- where nothing remains the same any more.

The first part was released on Aarong’s Facebook page and YouTube channel on Friday (24th July, 2020). The second part was released before Eid Ul Adha on Thursday (30th July, 2020). Directed by Redoan Rony, ‘Ei Somoyer Golpo’ stars Aparna Ghosh, F S Nayeem and child-artist Arya. Wardrobe is by Aarong.

When asked why Aarong made the film, Tamara Abed, Managing Director of BRAC Enterprises said, “We thought, being a popular brand, how can we use Aarong’s platform to create awareness among people about how to keep their families safe during this pandemic. That's why we took the initiative to make this short film "Ei Shomoyer Golpo".

Watch part 1: youtu.be/1az1LElPOrE

Watch part 2: youtu.be/avrfgoP6Kvc