Add a twist to your chilly days with Taaga’s scarf styling!

December 18, 2018
Add a twist to your chilly days with Taaga’s scarf styling!

Want to make a plain outfit pop? Then adding a scarf this winter is the right choice to make. At Taaga we have compiled five ways you can wear your scarf with a simple outfit to make winter styling easy and fashionable!

Number one: The Twist

Add a twist to your look with this scarf style. This elegant knot can be worn at any formal occasion or corporate meetings with a plain top, and is ideal for filling in the neck of a suit, jacket, or coat. To tie your favorite scarf into ‘The Twist’ style, fold the scarf in half to form a large triangle. Then center the scarf in front of your neck. Wrap around, crossing ends behind neck and pull forward. Tie a single knot centered underneath chin. After that, twist it to one side of the neck so that the knot is off-center. Finish by tying a double knot and let ends hang loosely.

Number two: The Butterfly Wrap

This wrap is ideal for evening hangouts or during weekends and offers a finishing flourish to an outfit. To try this wrap, first you must place the scarf around your neck making sure the ends are even. Tie the scarf in a loose knot in front of your neck. Now, in the front, pull the left side of the scarf lower than the right side. Tuck the shorter end into the longer end for a chic look.

Number three: Double Rolled Classic Loop 

This wrap is an en vogue winter trend and it best fits with a short overcoat while pairing up with skinny jeans. Wrapping this over is simple, first you need to fold the scarf into a triangle and then fold the largest point back into the triangle. Place the triangle in front of the neck, bring both ends back to the front and pull each side to adjust length and style. Finish off by tying a double knot making sure to wrap one end around your neck while shifting it to the left or right side of your neck.

Number four: French Knot

For a classy and elegant appearance, try the French knot. It’s a great style that goes with a collared shirt or a high neck top. To get this amazing wrap done, fold the scarf so that it’s halved in width. Place the scarf on the front of the neck and let it hang over your shoulders onto your back. Tie in a knot, adjust to the side and tie again. This style accentuates your office look.  

Number five: Half Bow Epaulette

The half bow epaulette is a retro wrap style and you can pair this up with a bohemian blouse and flared bottoms. Start with a scarf centered around the back of your neck. Make a loose knot on one side of the scarf near your collarbone. Leave a keyhole in the knot. Grab the other side in the middle and slide the middle through the keyhole, creating a loop. Tighten your original knot and fluff the one-sided bow. Wear this style to any casual hangouts.   

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