Styling Tips For This Falgun

February 09, 2020
Styling Tips For This Falgun

The moment we step in February, as the trees turn green and flowers start blooming to leave us awe-struck, we are reminded that this is a month of aesthetics and love. Two of the most rejoiced events-Pohela Falgun and Valentine’s Day make this month all about splendor of fashion.

With Spring making its magnificent way into our lives, enfold your Falgun look with a pure silk sarees for jovial radiance. The sumptuousness of the Persian tiles and floral motif with geometric pattern on pure silk sarees have an unmatched splendor.

Even though floral print is the most prevailing trend in Falgun, there is also a distinctive grace in botanic designs. You can flourish yourself in these breath-taking classic designs of botanical prints. The artistic entwine of screen print and brush paints on sarees and shalwar kameezes can make your Falgun outfit into an artwork.


With all the newly blossomed colorful flowers around us, we instantly envisage bright hues such as yellow, orange and green to celebrate Pohela Falgun. It just complements the liveliness and effervescence of Falgun aesthetics. This Falgun, bloom with modish perfection in bright printed sarees and shalwar kameezes.


February not only brings the fragrance of Falgun, but also the celebration of love. In the spirit of love and romance, we want our attire to reflect the enchantment we feel within. The timelessness and significance of muslin saree can make you look like you just walked out of a fairy-tale. Your valentine can adjunct your look with a classic silk short coaty. This duo will make you flush with exquisite style and magnificence.

The richness of muslin and soft silk sarees in multi-color patterns can give you an ever-lasting compelling look for your valentine’s dinner. Pair it up with a simple hair style and minimalistic yet sophisticated jewelries for a modish look.  

If wearing a saree is not your vision of Valentine’s look, you can also look stunning in bight hued shalwar kameez sets. Add a playful look with designs of layer sleeves, embroidery and kantha work. You can look radiant on your Valentine’s Day celebration in easy to style shalwar kameez sets and short kurta in unconventional tones.

Now you have all the fashion inspirations to bring out your desired Falgun and Valentin’s Day look this year.