Fashion Police for Office Wear!

August 29, 2018
Fashion Police for Office Wear!

The most daunting task of the day for most men is to choose the perfect outfit for your nine-to-fives. While formals are the undisputed champ for everyday office wear, it is important to find a balance between looking sharp and being comfortable. Also, out there at this moment,things easier on the eyes are trending and they are screaming confidence on your behalf. Now, let’s establish some ground rules first so you may never be looked down upon by the fashion polices at your workplace.

While pondering upon the question, here are some basic check points for you. Opt for neutral colors for a shirt, go with stripes if you like patterns, also, when did checks ever go out of fashion? If patterns are not your favorite, it’s always best to stick to subtle checks. But remember, lousy fitting is a complete no go for office. Your office wear must be defined and tapered just as your attitude.

Choose your colors wisely!

Light green should be your shade of choice if you’re into neutrals. On top of that, youcan also consider pickingblue and white textured classic fit shirt with left chest pocketto ensure a chic look at the office. As for the special days when you’re looking for some validation from your boss, you can add this white and maroon stripped shirt in your wardrobe for the extra attention you desire and much deserve.

Fit as you like

Slim fit trousers guarantee a sleek look with an unmatched personality while a regular fit is all about comfort that you so desperately seek while you’re at the office. But worry not, Taaga Man’s got it covered all for you! Pairing a grey toned pant or a black jacquard textured pant will always stand you out in the crowd. Oh, anddon’t forget to raise your hemline, your shoes can use some of that exposure too.

Tying it all up

The final piece to your workwear puzzle is accessorizing andit sets the stage for how people will perceive you. You can try accessorizing with a tanned leather belt and a metal buckle. Go ahead and flash loud colors with your multi colored ankle socks that comes with a dizzying patternready to make maximum effect. And to top it all off,throw in a leather executive messenger bag with shoulder straps.Hallelujah, you have got yourself a sophisticated office look; one that will surely boost your confidence up a notch.


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