Here’s How We’re Styling Them for Eid!

May 17, 2018
Here’s How We’re Styling Them for Eid!

This year Eid festivities begin at the hottest time of the year. However you cannot settle with looking any less gorgeous or fashionable in the summer heat. With that thought in mind, Taaga introduces its collection for Eid with the most comfortable ensembles incorporated with versatile motifs and slick prints.

In order to bask in the summer glow while you go out to meet your friends this Eid, you must try Taaga’s latest motifs incorporating floral punch, ethnic artwork and metallic work. You can head out footloose and fancy-free embodying the tunics, tops, skirts, trousers etc. and confront this Eid with grace.

The floral extravaganza throughout the collection has been crafted with the enhancement of floral motifs and creation of abstract flower forms while featuring bright hues to match up the spirit of Eid.

Taking inspiration from Kashmiri shawl embroidery, our designers have created a line of outfits featuring a unique ethnic artwork while blending them with contemporary silhouettes. As for ensuring maximum comfort, fabrics such as cotton, half silk/muslin has been in the fore.

To guarantee you a position unsurpassed, street smart incorporation of asymmetric cuts, metallic jardousi mirror work, sequence work and much more has been incorporated with the designs.

Now you can set out to conquer every rendezvous this Eid with Taaga on your side keeping you updated with the fashion fore!


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