Puja with Aarong

September 27, 2018
Puja with Aarong

One of the biggest religious festivals is on its way and what festival is really complete without a good new outfit? So grab yours from the Aarong Puja/18 Collection and celebrate to the fullest while staying in vogue.

Sarees are easily the most popular pick during the season and for that Aarong has a line that will impress you for sure. The collection this year takes its inspiration from the symbolic purity and resilience of the lotus flower along with the vast range of vivid colors seen in the feathers of a peacock, making it a perfect fit for the divine celebration. From silk to cotton and from hand-painting to woven ones they come in a range that brings out the beauty of warm colors which are perfect for the festivities. If you are tired of wearing the popular Puja colors you can also go for pieces in a different color palette to allow room for experimenting without any compromise on designed finesse.

To keep variation intact the line of shalwar kameez and kurta has also been designed with equal care and skill. For a fancy night out there are pieces with hand-painted silk dupatta and artistic finishing touches whereas for a more traditional look there are simpler ones in warm colors and classic cuts; which are no less in their flair.  Pair them up with the range of silver or brass jewellery including rings and neck pieces to make a perfect day’s look.

For the men there are fusion pieces which flaunt fancy cuts and include the same themed designs. The traditional coaty gets a makeover this season with lotus prints and has never looked better before. Meanwhile hand appliquéd panjabis are the new in thing to pull off and make a statement.

Shop the Puja Collection:  bit.ly/2OUG5Rw

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