Quick tips for your fall wardrobe

September 30, 2020
Quick tips for your fall wardrobe

As our calendars begin to fill up again with professional and personal engagements, it's a great chance to give our wardrobe a refresh. This fall find the perfect outfit that are stylish and functional at TAAGA.

Add a statement of sophistication to your everyday life with these neutral tones. These asymmetric tops and tunics are tailored to your comfort, infused with a suave yet subtle element of bold African patterns. Whether you’re working from home or out and about with your friends, these easy-to-wear neutral tones of black and beige are sure to keep your style on point whether it's day or night.

You can never go wrong with blue! Whether you’re at work, out on a quick store run, welcoming guests to your home or attending a Zoom call, the asymmetric hemline of this chic, modern shirt adorned with vintage floral motifs is sure to help you make a lasting impression.

Embrace a more sustainable fashion. These easy to wash, easy to maintain tunics are quilted in a vintage floral design, styled with sustainable tassels to sum up your ultimate casual chic look with a hint of Victorian elegance. Jazz it up with a pair of muted sandals and look fresh out of a breezy day in these refreshing colours wherever you go.

Create a bold style statement for work and play with these super stylish ensembles! Accentuate the bold shades of brick red and midnight blue with matching and contrasting bows to add a whole new meaning to stylish street wear. This will make you look fabulously fierce as the ambitious woman that you are.


Stand out in oriental opulence of tie-dye fashion statements. This kimono-themed tunic comes in red and blue and is perfect for occasions that call for bold and dressy. Complete your look with some bold and winged eyeliner and feel the fire that always gets you going!

Set out at for a sunny day in shades of bright, sunny yellow! Whether you’re a young professional or in your teens, keep the youthfulness alive by indulging in the African motifs accentuated in these funky, modern tunics. Style it up with wide-framed sunglasses and a pair of smart-casual shoes, and ace your style game at any impromptu gathering with friends.

Now you don’t have to fuss about changing outfits after work for that special rendezvous. These vibrantly versatile viscose tunics are sure to amplify your style statement and brighten up the mundane work hours, and make you look vivacious and fun when you’re in the mood to hang out with your favourites. Grab a cute and round cross-body bag to hold your essentials with a pair of matching sandals and you’re all set for every occasion!

Now you can look “close to nature” in high fashion ensembles! Look funky and smart in the shades of green. Opt for this green-blue Kimono-style asymmetric top for a dressy gathering or the yellow-green printed short-sleeve tunic for a more casual hangout. Dress up in the heavily embroidered white tassel jacket with a dark green solid top underneath to add more statement.


There you have it! Your ultimate guide to making smart fashion choices to keep you looking rightly stylish, whether you’re indoors or on the go. Remember to maintain all the safety protocols when you go out and wear apparels that are easy to sanitise for your safety.