Redefining Colors!

August 30, 2018
Redefining Colors!

Blue is the new fanciful pink for girls and pink never looked this well on guys! The unconventional gendered color has been speckling up more on the streets of Dhaka this season and Taaga is nothing short of pleased to introduce some bold pieces sporting the soft colors.

The light blue textured cotton top with embroidery over white patch is sure to be a girl’s best friend in this hot weather. This top holds focus around the shoulders and slightly flares out at the bottom giving you a contemporary corset look. The dynamic cut makes up for the minimal design and makes this piece easy to stand out.

The pastel blue and white printed cotton top with embroidered buttons, emphasized neck with frills and cuts, and a secured ban collar will definitely add elegance without having to do much. Pair it with straight cigarette mute tone pants for a cozier ensemble and looking so stylish was never this easy and comfortable!

A man who wears pink is headfirst and confident! The illusion themed classic pink polo shirt paired up with chino pants will give you a casual chic look. Contrast the pink with light colored pants, and what’s better than beige/khaki to go with it. To top it all off, a brown messenger bag with strips is the way to go, guys! 

If you have been waiting to defeat the stereotypical notion of only particular genders being able to pull off particular colors then there is no better time than this.

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