Shine and Shimmer This Eid with Aarong

May 07, 2019
Shine and Shimmer This Eid with Aarong

We’ve gone colorful before. Bursting in bright? That too. And sophistication has remained a constant. Now imagine the combination of all three, and you will find yourself immediately thinking of Moroccan spices. That’s exactly how we styled our Eid collection this year. 

Festivity in Florals

Summer is hitting in full swing, and with the biggest festival of the year around the corner, vibrant colors and elegant florals are the way to go. Wrap yourself in the smooth, glossy texture of muslin and silk sarees designed in a range of your most preferred shades of garden blooms. Embroidered in gorgeous florals and woven in the finest threads, the muslin & silk experience of Aarong has long been reputed to make you feel royal.

Beautiful in Blue


Be it the early morning skies or a night full of stars, there isn’t a single shade of blue that can go wrong in the festive season this summer. Stun the world in your silky, shiny Eid kameez, embroidered in hues of red, magenta, and orange and inspired by Moroccan spice markets. The rich and rustic flavors of the East add just the right amount of flair to your attire, and enough to turn heads wherever you go.

Traditionally Trendy


There is no end to the ways in which Bengalis tell stories, the most unique of which is weaving chapters in sarees. Every thread of an artistic kantha design speaks of the local traditions and culture that brings its people together on festivals such as Eid. Another unforgettable classic piece is the katan jacquard jacket, a colorful design that perfectly accentuates a monochromatic panjabi for men.

The All-inclusive Exclusives

At Aarong, we believe in making your own fashion. Our pride lies in our wide selection of clothing made with refined materials and striking designs that meets every last desire of our customers. Choose from our handcrafted silk sarees, the super-stylish flowy cut shalwar kameez sets, or the classy panjabis, all bursting in the bright hues of summer and waiting to be your favorite attire this Eid.

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