Spread Positivity with TAAGA

July 30, 2020
Spread Positivity with TAAGA
Staying positive amid a pandemic is one of the biggest tests that our generation is going through. As corona virus has plunged the world into immense uncertainty, it can get overwhelming and take a huge toll on people’s mental wellbeing especially for people with pre-existing conditions such as anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. 
This increase in mental health issues have been attributed to health concerns, physical distancing, job insecurity, economic stress and more. We are all trying to balance a lot on our plates and it is taking a huge toll on us. So here 7 ways you can find peace and tranquility to keep a positive mindset during this pandemic. 
1. Embrace Creativity:  
One of the best ways to deal with stressful times is to to set some time aside for something that offers spontaneity, expression and creativity. Art helps you express the inexpressible. It takes your mind off things that are out of your control and lets you be playful with colors, textures and ideas. You don’t have to be a great artist for this. Just let go of the self-judgement and let your brush take over your mind.
Fashion is also a form of artistic expression. So, wear clothes that are reflections of how you feel. This African-fashion inspired top is perfect for your art therapy. It has a comfortable shape and length to meet your style needs and gives you a bold artistic appearance.
2. Embrace Passion: 
As some of the institutes and organisations have shifted online, it has given us a lot of time to pursue the things we never had time for. Music has a massive influence on our state of mind. It can help us disengage from the chaos of the world and find peace in our hearts. There are also online classes available now to learn music and instruments. 
Get into the mood to pick up any instrument in this peplum top with funnel sleeves. 
3. Embrace Curiosity: 
We get a sense of growth and progress by constantly learning new things. It boosts our confidence and helps us get through tough times. Learning new things also gets our mind off the distress. So, sign up for a new class, feed your curiosity and give yourself a chance to grow. Stay comfortable in this playful summer top can brighten up your mood while you learn.
4. Embrace Mindfulness:
One of the most effective ways of regaining your mental peace and keeping a positive attitude is to meditate. Take some time off your schedule and let yourself heal. Talk to yourself and regain the control over your mind. For meditation, wear something breathable and relaxing such as this minimalistic ivory top. 
5. Embrace Growth: 
Gardening can also be a therapeutic process. By taking care of plants and watching them grow, you can learn to be empathetic, caring and in control of your emotions. Start a small garden with whatever you have; learn to take care of the plants and you will feel your spirit lift up. While gardening, wear a ‘no-fuss’ yellow vintage top with lace detailing.
6. Embrace Vitality:
Baking and cooking are other forms of fun activities to keep your mind and body engaged. They help you be present at the moment. You don’t have to be a master chef to experiment in the kitchen. Just follow through a recipe and see how it turns out. In the long run it will help your sense of time management, broaden your attention span and overall give you a new life skill. While you bake, wear something super comfy like this regency period Vintage floral dress.
7. Embrace Connection:
 As we distance ourselves from the crowd, it is important for our mental wellbeing, our sanity and our positive spirit that we stay connected to our loved ones. Make some time to call the people who lift up your energy, who keep you grounded and untangle your thoughts. This soothing shirt-dress will put you right in the mood to call or video chat with your favorite family and friends.