Style Your Winter Wardrobe with Taaga!

December 27, 2018
Style Your Winter Wardrobe with Taaga!

Winter gives us the perfect excuse to bring out our favorite trendy layers and also lets us explore various arrangements. The season’s look can be described with classic femininity and vibrancy through a spectacular range of outfits and tips on how to style them. Your winter excursions require a dose of elegance and chic. Opt for this elegant dress that has black belt at waist with dyed patterns from Taaga. Its color, motif and style exude winter vibrancy and give you a trendy look. Pair it up with black pant and leather shoes. On the other hand, if your winter fashion is something light and dapper, then pull off your vogue with this chic chef coat from Taaga to relish the season’s warmth. Pair it up with black jeans and grey leather shoes. These outfits are best to wear during daytime.  


Winter is the ideal season for picnic or touring and to help you look your best, we have picked these black and orange tunics that come with flared sleeves and embroidery. The orange and black tunics will pop color into the mundane season. Wrap a scarf and you are ready to head out!


Outdoor picnic plans require you to layer up in heavy clothing especially when the weather turns colder. For this purpose, we have selected two coats paired with full sleeve turtlenecks. Wear the blue coat with denim and the yellow coat with black trousers. Accessorize with black boots and you are ready to face the outdoors. These outfits can be worn during afternoon or evening outings.


Winter usually calls for smoky bbq delights! So, get the best out of the season and dress for the activity with glamour, trend and finesse. Get on board with this amazing chef coat and pair it up with black skinny trousers and black leather shoes. Furthermore, you can select this voguish cotton top that has flared sleeves with dyed patterns and can be paired with brown leather boots and slim fit black or blue pant. To get a flamboyant look, adorn yourself in this suave kashmiri collage patterned sleeveless coat that will be ideal with black leather boots and high waist jeans.


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