Taaga Boishakh Collection /1425

April 01, 2018
Taaga Boishakh Collection /1425

With harmony and verve comes the first month of the Bangla calendar. Boishakh marks the beginning of a new chapter in our lives thus bringing along a reason for celebration. It’s the perfect opportunity to let go of your previous differences and rejoice in the spirit of festivity and new beginnings. Along with the celebrations, Boishakh welcomes summer and to beat the heat all the while staying in style, Taaga brings you the latest installment – Boishakh Collection 1425.

This year, culturally graced motifs with a modern spin have been staged under the spotlight for the summer days to follow.

Abstract faces, derived from the rallies of Boishakh is a flavor that has taken the fashion front of the entire globe by storm and this unique feature has been incorporated with the flairs of the season by Taaga. This universally trending theme is featured in coats, tops, tunics, trousers and skirts with variations of abstract face motifs that’ll stretch a festive vibe associating bright colors and unmatched style.

Florals continue to keep its spot as a wardrobe favorite for all summer occasions with this season’s styles offering a considerably contemporary take on the trend. Sketched with hands and adding the paint brush effects in full bloom, these designs speak out for themselves.


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