August 01, 2018

Styling your outfit according to your taste while keeping the style fads in check can be quite an ordeal, but these worries are a thing of the past with the new outfits from Taaga Man specially designed for the fashion-conscious youth. Starting from formals to your basic everyday casuals deciding what to wear and looking dapper is only a matter of seconds.

For your longs days at the office and a party afterwards choose between our range of formal and premium full-sleeve shirts tailored to guarantee unparalleled comfort. On workdays with less to be done rock a semi-formal, full cotton slim-fit paired with our pleated formal trousers to keep a touch of tasteful elegance.

Our casual line consists of jaunty pieces, each with a fetching design sure to make a statement. Choose from fun prints and fusion on shirts and polo t-shirts to wear your mood and pass the evening in style. Designs based on kashmiri collage with a modern twist are here to make head turns and if this isn’t your way to roll then a classic printed polo will surely do the job. Couple it with our classic slim-fit denim and you are ready to own the show.

On the days when wearing the quintessential panjabi is a must our line has got you covered as well. Our panjabis are designed with focus to the detail-so starting from dotted prints for the day to a simply embroidered pockets to add the extra flare at night the pieces are each a masterpiece on its own.  A satin finish gives a refined look to most of the casual day wear pieces to look effortlessly modish whereas sophisticated and contrast print takes the style level up a few notches ready to be admired. So be it on festivals or family parties you can rely on Taaga Man to steal the show.