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    Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021

    May 27 2021

    Menstruation – a very uncomfortable word to talk about in Bangladesh, even though menstruation is a normal physiological process. It is approached with hesitance and misinformation because of the deeply-rooted cultural taboo surrounding menstruation.

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    Effortlessly Fabulous Eid Styling!

    Apr 30 2021

    Eid is right around the corner, and as usual, our excitement to wear the perfect Eid outfit is just as fresh as every other year. Whether we stay in and take the time to bond with our loved ones at home or meet up with our favourite people (taking safety precautions, of course!), let’s see how we can have the perfect Eid outfit on a hot summer day.


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  • 7 Summer Wardrobe Tips

    7 Summer Wardrobe Tips

    Apr 16 2021

    Summer is just around the corner. TAAGA has launched a new collection for the season. Here are 7 summer fashion trends that could be right for you.

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