Aarong Participates at the BRAC Hope Festival

Feb 16, 2023

Aarong participated at the BRAC Hope Festival and organised interactive experiences for the participants, including live craft making demonstrations, workshops, and games. Participants were also able to experience a virtual reality tour of Aarong's production centre. However, the main attraction was the Aarong Fashion Show, hosted on the 2nd night, featuring its three sub-brands.

Virtual Reality Experience taking participants to our production centre in Manikganj

Do you know your districts?

Participants played a ‘Pin and Win’ game and won a prize if they could identify 3 craft districts

BRAC Sericulture displays the worms involved in the silk producing process

Silk reeling , a part of the BRAC Sericulture process

A 360 video booth was available at the Aarong stall

Rickshaw painting, one of Aarong’s workshop at the event

Block printing

Neckpiece crafted at the Aarong jewellery workshop

The Aarong Fashion Show featuring it’s sub-brands TAAGA, TAAGA MAN and HERSTORY by Aarong

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