TAAGA — Fresh as Youth

Sep 25, 2022

Feel it or not, fall is here. And with the new season, TAAGA is here with its fresh tie-and-dye prints and snazzy designs. Keeping the hide-and-seek mood of the sun and clouds in mind, the brand's collection is both summer-friendly and easy on the eyes, a perfect amalgamation of comfort and joyfully creative style.

Dyes have been an indispensable part of TAAGA for as long as one can remember and the brand has routinely played it up with colours, prints and cuts that are experimental, playful and bold in equal measure. This time around, the creative minds behind the lively brand have worked with refreshing festive, vibrant, and soothing colours and patterns at the core of the TAAGA fall offering, in cuts that are both simple and unconventional.

Longer dresses in high necks, A-line falls, neat, geometric patterns and basic, bright colours have the comfort of summer with a kind of early heralding of fall. These dresses are nifty enough to set the mood for all kinds of occasions and give the wearer a free hand for how they wish to accessorise them.

TAAGA has always been right on the pulse of the youth, with the newest of cuts, and the rawest of creativity and the same can be said of their lookbook this time around. Tie and dye tops with asymmetrical cuts, funky patterns and preppy designs can be worn with ciggy pants or tights, and even, if truth be told, with a ruffled white skirt. The outfit has enough fusion in it to bloom as much with a traditional pair of jhumkas as with western hoops and looks equally classy without a lot of accessorising.

The distinguishing factor for TAAGA has always been the versatility of its clothes and the sheer variety of ways in which they can be worn. Cotton and other summer-friendly fabrics form the basic makeup of these clothes and they are chic enough to turn heads at social gatherings and demure enough to breeze through a hot day at the university. The soothing colours are great for the humidity before the impending coolness and the entire ensemble goes well with flats, sneakers or even chunky clogs, if one wishes to go for the look.

Youthful, flirty and quietly audacious, wearing TAAGA is an art that only the most vivacious and jubilant of hearts can carry off. Offering both edgy and conservative designs, the brand houses something in its collection for everybody.

Originally published by The Daily Star Lifestyle on September 18, 2022.

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