TAAGA Outstanding Young Professionals Award

Nov 10, 2022

TAAGA is launching its first ever TAAGA Outstanding Young Professionals Award, where we recognise the achievements of young female professionals.

It is the creativity, passion and dedication of thousands of talented women - artisans, independent producers and designers - who have built TAAGA and continue to make it what it is today. We have always promoted feminism and believe that every woman should have the opportunity to realise her potential.

In the pursuit of this endeavour, we want to recognise young female professionals who stand out.

Who are we seeking?

1. Women, under the age of 35, who stand out for their extraordinary performance by delivering the expected outcome and setting performance benchmarks.

2. Young professionals, who show creativity by pursuing options that may be risky, new or untried; and willing to learn and implement new methods, ideas and opportunities.

3. Candidates must have strong work ethics and a drive for excellence.

Organisations have full liberty to decide and nominate participants from your organisation. These are some general guidelines which may help organisations to select the right candidate for the programme.

Nominations must come from organisations, either through a Human Resources (HR) department or similar. Individuals cannot apply directly.

Eligibility criteria

Nominees must have a minimum of two years of work experience and be under the age of 35 when applying.

To nominate candidates or to learn more about this programme, visit

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