TAAGA | TAAGA MAN Sehri Under the Stars

Apr 26, 2022

This Ramadan TAAGA and TAAGA MAN launched its first ever “Sehri Under the Stars” event, welcoming sehri goers and night owls from all around Dhaka city and beyond. The event took place at Dhaka’s newest dining spot, Terracotta Tales, located right next to Aarong’s multi-brand outlet in Tejgaon, Dhaka, and was open every Thursday and Friday throughout the month.
From enjoying a delectable meal at Terracotta Tales to making crafts to experiencing the TAAGA and TAAGA MAN brands, this event offered something for everyone!
The open air space awed anyone passing through and set the scene for participants to enjoy a serene night under the stars with their family and friends. People of different ages came together to experience all that the night had to offer.

The Ambience
It was important for us to create a space which would be cozy yet exhilarating. From the entrance to the seating, event goers would find their senses elevated when taking a walk through the venue, unlike any other in town.

Outdoor Food Carts
Outdoor food carts kept everyone going serving their favourite beverages and snacks.

Anyone could become a crafter making pottery or jewellery or block printing at our special craft stations and take home their own handmade novelty.
We partnered with Claystation for sehri goes also to also experience clay making or clay painting.
Many chose to design their own customised block printed tee. Participants were able to choose their own blocks and colours design their own tee.
The Do-It-Yourself Jewellery station allowed anyone to choose their favourite beads, string, and alphabets to make that special friendship bracelet or just about any other type of fashion accessory!

We displayed the latest TAAGA and TAAGA MAN Eid apparel and accessories with an option of purchasing online. Exclusive discounts were available for customers to take advantage of at the event.
Visitors had a chance to join the Club Taaga rewards programme at a special entry offer and enjoy privileges year round.

Win free Aarong Earth products!
Visitors has a chance to win different Aarong Earth products by hitting the bull eye or a few special spots on the dart board. Our newly launched product were also available for anyone to try out.

We had a great time welcoming people to Sehri Under the Stars! We will continue to bring you exciting events at Terracotta Tales year round!
To know more about the event, visit our event page on Facebook:

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