The tale of timeless regal katan

Jul 18, 2021

Originated in the heart of Persia, katan saree is a regal addition to fashion that the Mughal Empire had introduced in 18th century Bengal. Katan is created by twisting together silk threads making a very sturdy and long lasting fabric. Traditionally worn by royalty, the katan saree has been a symbol of sophistication through the centuries. In the rapidly changing world of fashion, katan sarees have remained a timeless classic. Aarong is renowned for greatly enhancing the regal look of katan sarees using traditional motifs in a contemporary form. Today, let’s take a tour through the latest assortment of intricately designed katan sarees by Aarong.

Ethereally elegant bridal choice

Brides have found their utmost elegance in the comfort of katan sarees. While red is undoubtedly a crowd’s favourite choice of colour, other colours such as periwinkle blue and lavender offer a futuristic view of bridal styling. Motifs inspired by Islamic art on katan sarees are the latest trend. Aarong’s katan sarees always manage to unfold the everlasting dreams of today’s brides. 

Grandeur of vintage majesty

Solid katan sarees with statement borders, imbued with timeless elegance, always give a regal look. Borders made with spectacular zari work make katan sarees a sight to enamour. Pairing the right jewellery to express the beauty of katan is also very important. Opt for a gorgeous silver necklace to complement plain and solid katan sarees and achieve a grandeur look.

Classic silver intricacy 

There is something about the classic silver designs of katan sarees that leave a lasting impression. Handcrafted with sparkling silver zari motifs and tonal stripes, this opulent katan will give you the feel of a luxurious silhouette. These katans can be passed on through generations as heirlooms as these classic katan sarees will never go out of style.

Imperial hues and patterns

The glorious motifs, geometric patterns and imperial hues of katan sarees by Aarong have triumphed hearts for generations. The unwavering glory of katan sarees continuously find a new way to enchant us by gracefully exhibiting its timelessness. Katan saree is indeed an epitome of beauty, love, and history; a treasure one should have in their wardrobe.  

Photoshoot by Ice Today featuring Aarong katan sarees and jewellery.

Photography by: Rony Rezaul

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