Our Values

Our values are the same as those of BRAC – an organisation that showed the world phenomenal progress with its holistic approach to development. With over 300,000 people across the country benefitting from our initiatives, our values remain a constant source of inspiration and pride for us.

We value innovation that creates opportunities for the poor to lift themselves out of poverty. We strive to display global leadership in ground-breaking development initiatives.

We value integrity, because transparency and accountability are the most essential elements of our work ethic. With clear  policies and procedures, we continue to display the utmost level of  honesty in our financial dealings.

We are committed to inclusiveness to ensure that we engage, support and recognise the value of all members of society, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, physical or mental ability, socioeconomic status and geography.

We value effectiveness in all our work, which constantly challenge ourselves to perform better and to improve and deepen the impact of our interventions.

Aarong - Marketing 3.0 Award Winner 2016

The Asian Marketing Federation (AMF) has awarded Aarong with the Marketing 3.0 award on September 23rd 2016 competing against companies from its 19 member countries. The award was received by Md. Abdur Rouf, Chief Operating Officer, Aarong, during AMF’s annual award ceremony in Seoul, South Korea.
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