Become a producer

Why work with us?

Vibrant colours, intricate designs and an array of textures line the shelves of Aarong, Bangladesh’s premier lifestyle brand. However, behind these hand cottage and appealing products is the story of how indigenous crafts, contemporary design, innovative marketing and social compliance norms come together to develop this brand into what it is today.

Aarong links artisans to markets through independent producers who operate cottage micro, small and medium enterprises. These entrepreneurs are responsible to sampling, producing raw materials and organising home-based workers or managing production centres. They are responsible for ensuring accuracy and quality of the products as well as for the training of artisans who work with them. Independent producers or entrepreneurs who work with Aarong are required to abide by fair-trade principles and ensure workers’ rights. Aarong pays producers on the day of delivery of their product, a practice that is still rare among similar businesses in Bangladesh. Producers can also receive textiles on credit to ease their up-front costs of production.

Aarong’s design department provides designs to all independent producers and maintains close relations to help them enhance their work techniques, efficiency and quality. Aarong will work with producers to empower artisans, promote your craft and bring customers our lifestyle products all across of the world.