My Aarong Rewards Policy

Please read these terms of use carefully. By accessing or participating in the My Aarong Rewards programme, you agree to be bound by these terms and all terms incorporated herein by reference. If you do not agree to these terms, do not access or participate in the My Aarong Rewards programme.

1) Introduction

My Aarong Rewards Card (MARC) is a loyalty membership programme to provide benefits to Aarong customers. This programme aims to strengthen Aarong’s relationship with existing and potential customers through various types of engagements with the brand. Members can earn and redeem loyalty points on purchases, enjoy special privileges, and avail benefits at partner establishments based on membership tier. 

This policy will outline how customers can join the programme, maintain membership, and avail benefits. 

2) Membership Tiers & Registration Criteria

    My Aarong Rewards offers four tiers of membership:

  • GOLD 

     2.1) Registration Criteria 

Customers can register to become an INSIDER or directly become a LIFESTYLE member with qualifying purchase. 

Customers who make any purchases between BDT 1 to BDT 9,999 (without VAT) will qualify to become registered as an INSIDER. Customers making any purchase over BDT 9,999 (without VAT) within a single invoice will qualify to become directly registered as a LIFESTYLE member.

     2.2) Registration Process

Customers can register at any Aarong outlet or online at aarong.com. 

Membership tier

Registration point

Membership card




Upon making any purchase, customers must share their valid local or international cell phone number at point of sale (POS).

●       Customers will be automatically enrolled with any purchase as a registered aarong.com user.

●       Guest users will not qualify for registration.

●       No card will be issued.

●       Membership will be digitally saved.

●       Membership cards will be issued upon upgradation to LIFESTYLE tier. 


Upon making a qualifying purchase, customers must fill out a registration form with full name, address, e-mail, cell phone number, date of birth and other information defined on the form.

●       Customers will be automatically enrolled with qualifying purchase.

●       Guest users will not qualify for registration.

●       Card will be issued immediately.

●       In case of no card stock availability, one will be issued at a later date.

●       For online purchases, membership cards will be sent with shipment. 

Table 1.0 Registration process

     2.3) Terms & Conditions for Registration

  • Customers must be at least 18 years of age at time of registration.
  • Qualifying purchase must be within a single invoice.
  • If multiple invoices are generated in a single day at outlets with points of sale on separate floors, all accumulated invoices will be considered towards minimum qualifying purchase during registration.
  • For online purchases, guest users will not qualify for enrollment into the programme.

3) Benefits & Privileges

    3.1) Earning Reward Points

  • MARC LIFESTYLE, GOLD, and PLATINUM members will be eligible to earn points on purchases (including at the time of registration).
  • Certain purchases may not qualify for earning points including discounted products or purchases made during a sale or special offer campaign. 
  • For every net spend of BDT 100, reward points will be awarded as per the table below:









Table 2.0 Earning Reward Points

  • PLATINUM members will receive 100 reward points as a gift on their birthday. 

    3.2) Redeeming Reward Points

To be eligible for redemption of reward points, the minimum required point balance is 100 points. Customers must redeem a minimum of 100 points per transaction. For point redemption, the amount should be multiples of 50. For example, customers can redeem 100 points or 150 points or 200 points and so on. 1 point is equivalent to BDT 1 or converted USD value based on the BDT to USD conversion rate defined by Aarong. Please note points do not hold any cash value, they can only be redeemed at Aarong against product purchases. 

    3.2.1) Verification for point redemption 

Verification Steps

Redemption Point



Physical Presence of the Cardholder


No, however customer must be logged in

Physical Presence of the My Aarong Rewards Card



Security Check

●       Registered Phone Number

●       Date of Birth

●       Last Transaction


Yes (During Online Registration)

OTP Sent through Phone Number



Signature on the Invoice



Table 3.0 Verification process

    3.2.2) Terms & Conditions for Reward Point Redemption

  • Reward Points can be redeemed for Aarong products at all Aarong outlets or aarong.com.
  • Carrying the membership card is not mandatory to earn or redeem points. To earn or redeem without the membership card, the customer is required to provide MARC ID number or registered contact number. Upon security check parameters mentioned in Table 3.0 customers may redeem points during the transaction.
  • Points earning and redemption can be availed through international currencies as per the policy. This is only applicable for aarong.com international webstores. The system will automatically calculate conversion value of points.
  • In case of any purchase return, any points earned will be adjusted against the purchase invoice during the return. However, points will be readjusted after the product is exchanged or when using an Aarong credit note.

    3.3) Promotional Benefits

  • All members are entitled to enjoy promotional offers specially designed for their membership tier.
  • These promotional offers will be designed and communicated at Aarong’s discretion. 
  • These offers may include opportunities to earn bonus points outside of their regular point earning scheme.

    3.4) Partnership Benefits

  • All members are entitled to enjoy benefits offered by programme partners.
  • Benefit offered to cardholders by partners will be publicly listed on programme website - https://www.aarong.com/my-aarong-rewards
  • Partnership terms and conditions are subject to change.

4) Upgrades & Downgrades of Membership Tiers

    4.1) Upgrades

           4.1.1) INSIDER to LIFESTYLE

If the accumulated purchase value is BDT 15,000 (without VAT) or equivalent in USD within 6 months of registration as an INSIDER, the customer will be upgraded to LIFESTYLE membership tier.

           4.1.2) LIFESTYLE to GOLD

A LIFESTYLE cardholder will be upgraded to GOLD membership tier after earning a minimum of 3,000 points within 2 years as a LIFESTYLE cardholder.

           4.1.3) GOLD to PLATINUM

After being upgraded to GOLD membership tier, if a GOLD cardholder earns a minimum of 8,000 points within 2 years, the membership will be upgraded to PLATINUM tier.


    4.2) Maintenance of Membership Status

Members can retain their status by accumulating a minimum number of points within 2 years of registration or upgrade.


Minimum points to retain the status


250 Points


1,000 Points


3,000 Points


Table 4.0 Maintenance of membership

    4.3) Downgrades

           4.3.1) PLATINUM to GOLD

If cumulative earned points are below 3,000 points within 2 years of the membership status, the status will be downgraded to GOLD tier.

           4.3.2) GOLD to LIFESTYLE

If cumulative earned points are below 1,000 points within 2 years of the membership status, the status will be downgraded to LIFESTYLE tier.

           4.3.3) LIFESTYLE to INSIDER

If cumulative earned points are below 250 points within 2 years of the membership status, the status will be downgraded to INSIDER tier.

    4.4) Communication & Delivery of Card

  • Both upgraded and downgraded statuses will be communicated through SMS and email to the registered valid number of the member.
  • Delivery of card(s) will be completed when the customer visits any of our outlets.
  • com shoppers will receive card during the delivery of their order(s).

5) Validity and Renewal of Membership

My Aarong Rewards membership comes with a lifetime validity. However, if there are no transactions on the respective account, or earned points are less than 250 points within 2 years of subscription date, the membership will expire. 

  • For expired membership status, all earned points will be forfeited. The customer will be given a grace period of 90 (ninety) days.
  • A customer with expired membership can re-enter into the programme within the 90 day grace period through a purchase of BDT 5,000 (without VAT).
  • Customers will not receive the forfeited points back in their account.
  • After the expiration of the grace period, customers will be able to re-enter the programme as per the standard process with qualifying purchases. 

6) Validity of Reward Points

Validity of earned reward points will be 2 years from the date of earning. At any given point, a member will see the total accumulated value of the non-expired reward points. For point redemption, the first in first out (FIFO) method will be applied. Expired points will be forfeited permanently. Customers can view point expiration when logged onto aarong.com or the Aarong app. Certain bonus points will expire within 30 days from the date of earning.

7) Transfer of Membership

My Aarong Rewards membership is non-transferable. In cases of multiple membership claims against one MARC account, the membership will be decided upon the ownership of the registered phone number of the respective account. In the event of death of the cardholder, all points will be forfeited.

8) Exclusion and Restriction of Usage

  • Employees of Aarong, BRAC and BRAC related organisations are eligible to apply for MARC.
  • Employees of Aarong, BRAC and BRAC related organisations either can earn points through their MARC or avail the staff discount.
  • MARC registration cannot be processed through staff discounted invoice/s.
  • MARC benefits cannot be clubbed with any other offer or discount.

The reward points will not be awarded or earned in the following cases:

  • Discounted or marked down merchandise
  • Special offers, promotions or items excluded by the management
  • Purchase of gift cards
  • Grassroots café purchases
  • However, customers who are using Aarong gift cards to purchase products are eligible to earn points if they are MARC members

9) Data Privacy

Aarong always adopts appropriate data collection, storage, and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of member’s personal information. Aarong shall not sell or disclose any member’s personal data to third parties without obtaining your prior consent unless this is necessary for the purposes set out in this policy or unless we are required to do so by law.

Aarong may use data obtained from members for the below mentioned reasons:

  • To improve customer service
  • To improve services at our outlets and website
  • To send periodic communication through social media platforms, sms and e-mail
  • To promote products, services and partnership information

10) Stolen, Damaged and Lost Card

In case of lost, stolen or damaged card, My Aarong Rewards cardholders shall report to Aarong through the following methods:

A customer can collect a replacement of My Aarong Rewards card for a fee of BDT 200 by filling out the lost/stolen form at any Aarong outlet.

11) Additional Terms

Aarong reserves the right to cancel or discontinue any membership without mentioning the reason(s). This card is not a cheque or guarantee or credit card. My Aarong Reward Cards are the property of Aarong and are returnable upon request.