Nazrin Choudhury's Stunning Aarong Ensemble Grabs Attention at The Oscar Red Carpet

Mar 18, 2024

At the illustrious 96th Academy Awards (Oscars), stars from around the globe graced the red carpet, and among them stood Nazrin Choudhury, a British screenwriter, director, and producer of Bangladeshi heritage. Her remarkable work, the short film “Red, White, and Blue”, earned her a nomination in the coveted Best Short Film category. What truly captivated the audience, however, was not just her artistic prowess but also the breathtaking ensemble she wore. Designed and styled by Aarong, the outfit seamlessly blended elements of heritage, craftsmanship, and empowerment.

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The stunning outfit that Nazrin wore embodies the rich cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship of Bangladesh. The cape, delicately fashioned from a rare 100-count Jamdani saree, honours the masterful weavers who breathe life into such extraordinary textiles. The ombré silk dress, adorned with intricate Nakshi Kantha and the symbolic Tree of Life embroidery, celebrates the artistry of Bangladeshi artisans and their enduring legacy. Sequins shimmer with celestial flair, echoing the ancient and vibrant traditions of Bengal. This ensemble is a harmonious tapestry of tradition and modern elegance, capturing the very soul of Bangladesh's artistic brilliance and timeless spirit.

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But Nazrin's attire is more than just a fashion statement; it is a symbol of Aarong's commitment to empowering communities and preserving traditional crafts. The significance of Jamdani and Nakshi Kantha extends beyond their aesthetic appeal. These crafts, with their intricate designs and centuries-old techniques, represent the soul of Bangladesh. Aarong's efforts to promote these crafts nationally and globally, through exhibitions, campaigns and its e-commerce platform AARONG.COM have not only garnered national and international acclaim but also ensured the artisans' continued prosperity.

Courtesy: Getty Images

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