Our People


Meet the family of Aarong! – made up of wonderful individuals who have professional intuit and share the values that help improve the lives of artisans while protecting and creating the legacy of quintessential Bangladeshi crafts, craftsmanship and their unique identities.
We often get asked how we run our social enterprise so successfully. The answer is our strong values and our position within BRAC’s holistic development eco-system that have helped create a productive outlet for the marginalized artisans while celebrating quality work.
We take great pride in the people that work with us, who are undoubtedly the true spokespersons of Aarong.

Azmery Akhter Laizo
Laboni Afroz Chowdhury, Central Store & Warehouse

“I have been working at Aarong for the past 22 years. Initially my in-laws weren’t very supportive but my husband’s constant encouragement helped me to push all sorts of boundaries. Many young female workers often come to me with a common problem of how they’re asked not to work because they’re girls, and that they are meant to stay at home and take care of children. I extend my support and reassurance to them asking them to stick to their conviction for work.”

Arafat Hassan
Nurun Nahar Begum, Quality Control

“When I joined Aarong back in 1996, I was extremely worried about the work culture, since companies and organizations back then preferred men over women in most cases. But Aarong never differentiated between genders and in all these years I never felt uncomfortable for once. Aarong has taught me to respect work, and the people who do it. I am grateful to my father who always encouraged me to do something with my life.”

Shahina Rabby Tapoty
Mosammad Nazmun Nahar, Artisan

“I started my journey with Aarong in Jessore back in 2009. I knew most of the sewing techniques and thought I could learn the rest on the go. I had to travel 2.2 km everyday to reach the sub center which was a big hurdle for me. Nevertheless, I decided to keep on working. Two years later, I came to Dhaka for the first time and started as an Artisan of Aarong. It was difficult for me to stay without my family but with time, I have made Aarong my home.”

Zahidul Islam
Khaleda Rouf un Nahar, Outlet Manager

“I joined as a sales assistant in 1999 and today, I am the Gulshan Outlet Manager. I admire the work environment here because employees are always a priority for Aarong. Sometimes part-time female workers need to work for longer hours after office. Aarong ensures their safety by providing transport support. I’m very proud of the work I do. I consider confidence as one of my greatest assets so whenever young female workers come to me with household problems, I ask them to be strong.”

Aarong - Marketing 3.0 Award Winner 2016

The Asian Marketing Federation (AMF) has awarded Aarong with the Marketing 3.0 award on September 23rd 2016 competing against companies from its 19 member countries. The award was received by Md. Abdur Rouf, Chief Operating Officer, Aarong, during AMF’s annual award ceremony in Seoul, South Korea.
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