TAAGA MAN's Winter 23/24 Campaign: A Leap Towards Sustainable Fashion

Dec 05, 2023

TAAGA MAN is excited to unveil its Winter 23/24 campaign, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and recycling. This collection features select jackets, trousers, flannel over-shirts, and digitally printed tees, meticulously crafted from recycled and sustainable yarns and fabrics.

Green Sourcing Vision:

Our journey towards becoming 100% environmentally friendly is underway. We prioritize recycled and locally sourced trims, and our packaging is 100% biodegradable and recycled, reflecting our dedication to eco-conscious choices.

Conscious Cotton and Polyester:

Our digital-printed cotton tees are crafted from sustainably sourced organic cotton. Some tees feature recycled polyester yarn, aligning fashion with environmental responsibility.

Innovative Printing Practices:

Water-based prints adorn our tees, with a commitment to recycling printing water, ensuring that nearby water bodies remain unpolluted. Our factories proudly hold WRAP certificates, ensuring responsible and ethical production.

Carbon Footprint Accountability:

We're developing an AI to track and measure our carbon footprint, to neutralize it by planting trees based on AI-collected data.

Eco-friendly E-commerce Initiatives:

Our 100% biodegradable e-commerce delivery poly reflects our initial strides towards sustainable practices.

Detailing a Sustainable Wardrobe:

Even the buttons on TAAGA MAN garments are crafted from recycled plastic, showcasing our dedication to every detail in building a conscious wardrobe.


Let's redefine the way we dress, making a bold statement for the planet without compromising on style.

Source edition | In The Know TAAGA MAN