Become a producer

Our Enrollment Process

If there is a singular factor that most differentiates Aarong from just about any brand, it is that Aarong is a social enterprise. Aarong adopts sustainable practices, and is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Aarong had integrated sustainability and fair-trade principles into its original business plan over 40 years ago. It provides producers with design input and immediate payment for work, as well as marketing and retailing support. In return, Aarong requires that producer groups maintain good working conditions, fair employment practices, and respect for the environment – all principles of fair trade.

What is an Aarong Producership
An Aarong producership is a valid contractual agreement made with a legal business entity in order to supply products to Aarong using its design.
The application process for prospective producers are as follows:

Application Stage
To become a producer of Aarong, any eligible candidate, a craftsperson, an entrepreneur, a partnership entity, an organisation/company or distributor may apply for a producership by submitting an application form or by furnishing details through the following link:  aarong.com/become-a-producer

Aarong preserves all the applications for future reference, and activities the enrollment process on a need basis.

All applications are reviewed and shortlisted by the concerned team from the application bank based on the production/craft process and the overall capacity of the prospective producer. Eligible applications are passed on to the next stage for further processing.