Become a producer

Our partnership terms

Partnership with Aarong shall become effective upon the signing of an Agreement between Aarong and the producer who can be an entrepreneur, a craftsperson, an organisation or distributor in alignment with Aarong’s Code of Conduct. See the enrollment process: www.aarong.com/our-enrollment-process.

Design and Sampling
Only approved samples can be produced and are eligible for bulk production for supply to Aarong. Any product supplied to Aarong cannot be sold to any other party. Aarong holds the sole authority to retail and market produced goods. The producer is obliged to develop a pre-production sample before bulk production.

Production & Delivery
The producer shall produce all products at their declared production centre(s). The producer is liable for on-time delivery of the product to our central warehouse based on agreed upon deadline.

Quality Control
All delivered product must meet Aarong’s defined quality control standards. An inspection is performed at Aarong own premises or at the producer’s premises before acceptance.

Payment & Finance
Aarong and the producer will jointly determine the breakdown of a product based on several factors immediately after bill submission by producer of quality accepted goods. Any applicable VAT/AIT or any other applicable government regulated taxes shall be included with the invoice as per applicable rules and regulations. TAX deducted at source (TDS) shall be deducted as per applicable Income Tax ordinance and rules. The payment will be proceeded by Aarong through bank transfer.